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About Me

e m p o w e r m e n t

i will tell you my story- if only for us to realize our stories are all one. i suffered mental health illness for many years in my young adulthood that almost killed me. then i found yoga. the practice taught me a self love i never knew i could feel. and so began my spiritual journey. i bought a one way flight to another country and spent the next few years traveling the world to find myself through different cultures and people. i dove into my deepest core and asked my spirit what it truly wanted to create. it responded, to serve others. to give offerings of all i have learned throughout my experiences. to connect with powerful humans and realize we are much more alike than we are different. these are the ways in which i feel empowered. thank you for being part of the adventure.
through my travels i found myself working at the coolest nonprofit thrift shop/ recycling center. it was mind blowing to witness the amount of stuff that came every single day from a small mountain town. we sold, repurposed, outsourced, and even had free bins overflowing with clothes. unfortunately most of the clothes had no choice but to end up at landfill. i promised myself i would never buy new again. this sparked my creative impulse to give these threads a new purpose, and a new life. if i can do my part and help make this earth a little greener, i have already succeeded.

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