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.:: your greatest power is YOU ::.

i believe each one of us has a story to tell. intrinistically, one by one, we weave the web of creation. i’ve had this vision for as long as i can remember. to create something that was as unique as my spirit.  many times i wondered, who am i to give offerings? 

who am i not to?  

it is our very purpose. so, breath easy and open yourself up to the grandeur of life. you are here for a reason. 

you are worthy of all things. begin now.

o f f e r i n g s



i carefully choose each item from sustainable sources of thrifting to upcycle and save clothes that will end up in landfill. i sew and dye everything by hand with intention and love.

sustainability looks good on you. 


manifestation manual

dive deep in the depths of your desires. cultivate gratitude for all you already have. unlock your infinite potential. develop the tools to manifest the life you are worthy of. the life that is waiting for you. abundance is your birthright. let’s work together and tap into that energy source to dreamscape your reality. 


r e i k i attunement 

imagine a flowing stream~ when leaves and debris pile up, the flow is interrupted or stopped. through reiki, the universal energy is channeled to assist in clearing the dust that has stagnated in your stream of energy. it allows for the chakras to move freely and bring more harmony to your overall frequency. 


y o g a free f l o w

in the last decade, i have practiced different asanas, flows, and techniques. in these classes, i create a free form flow that allows time to settle into each pose while focusing on the balance of strength and flexibility. 



yoga m a m a

as a single mama, i empathise with the physical pain and exhaustion motherhood can have on our bodies. this class is dedicated to healing the areas most affected in our day-to-day mothering journey. 



.:: peel back the layers to your essential nature- what you will find is love ::.

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